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Ms. Janet

Biography of Ms. Janet (Teacher)

Ms. Janet grew up in Europe, she came to Vancouver from Prague, Czechia in 2016. Both her daughters were Montessori Educated, her youngest daughter was a previous student at Creative Kids.

After many years of running her own business, Ms Janet found a new passion in her life in working with children and the Montessori education.

Since receiving her Montessori diploma she worked for an International Montessori School and in September 2020 joined Creative Kids Montessori & Fine Arts Academy.

Ms Janet enjoys working with children and loves her job. The children benefit from her creativity, kindness and respectful approach.

Janet lives in Vancouver, she loves nature walks, figure skating, downhill skiing and art.

20 Years of Experience

What Parents Says About Us


"The truly educated individual continues to learn long after the years spent in the classroom because of a motivation and love of learning."

Maria Montessori