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About Us

Who We Are

Creative Kids Montessori & Fine Arts Academy is designed for children from toddler through kindergarten school age. We strive for the fullest possible development of each child according to the philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Using the specially prepared environment and scientifically designed material, we nurture the physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth of each child. Our purpose is to help each child develop a foundation of habits, attitudes, skills, appreciations and ideas necessary for a lifetime of creative learning.

The arts curriculum provides for a wide range of activities which enable the child to develop ideas through imagery, thus providing a necessary balance to the wider curriculum. Learning in and through art can contribute positively to children's sense of personal and cultural identity and to their whole development.

23 Years of Experience

What Parents Says About Us


"The truly educated individual continues to learn long after the years spent in the classroom because of a motivation and love of learning."

Maria Montessori