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Certified Teachers

Our Montessori educators teaching primary aged children have relevant Montessori primary training, as well as a teaching degree and teacher registration in the province of British Columbia.

The Environment

Creative Kids Montessori Childcare creates an environment that is clean, safe, nurturing and carefully prepared to provide positive learning experiences. Our natural setting is an important part of our Montessori curriculum.

The Child

Creative Kids Montessori Childcare strives to meet the needs of the whole child: nurturing the love of learning, creating opportunities for growth and independence and bringing about self-respect and positive self-worth.

The Community

Creative Kids Montessori Childcare strives to create a positive, caring atmosphere for parents and their children to flourish and grow. Our focus is to nurture respect and understanding for each other, nature and our planet.


Creativity thrives in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust. Montessorians recognize that children, from toddlers to teenagers, learn and express themselves in a very individual way. Making choices, taking risks, self-correction of mistakes, openess to different perspectives, and the growth of self-confidence all encourage creativity to flourish.


The children are encouraged to develop qualities of citizenship and stewardship through an understanding and respect for cultural diversity and environmental awareness. The teacher shows an understanding of children’s progress and keeps clear and adequate records, as a continuous form of assessment.


We are a collaborative Montessori community. We embrace diversity of high quality Montessori teachers while upholding standards. We encourage administrators to introduce a culture of self reflection and in their commitment to ongoing improvement. We encourage mentorship.

Art Integration Improves School Culture & Student Success

Integrating Arts into Academics is a proven method for developing the Love of Learning in a young mind.


23 Years of Experience

What Parents Says About Us


"The truly educated individual continues to learn long after the years spent in the classroom because of a motivation and love of learning."

Maria Montessori